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A twice-monthly podcast where we explore research, amplify autistic voices, and change the way we think about autism in life and in professional therapy practice.

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Two Sides of the Spectrum Podcast Episode 83

So many therapists are grappling with how to reconcile our feeding therapy training with what we are learning from Autistic adults.  On the podcast, we’ve heard that systematic desensitization – even when it’s play-based – can feel like torture. We’ve learned that what looks like progress towards accepting new foods can actually be Autistic masking. And we’ve learned that family meals simply aren’t best for every child. In this episode, Marsha Dunn Klein, creator of the Get Permission Approach, shares with us her own journey towards aligning her work with neurodiversity-affirming practices. We dive into what this looks like for her, what she’s learned from interviewing Autistic adults, and what affirming feeding therapy can look like in your work.