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A twice-monthly podcast where we explore research, amplify autistic voices, and change the way we think about autism in life and in professional therapy practice.


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Have you ever heard that people on the autism spectrum aren’t great at perspective taking? It turns out that it’s actually a problem on two sides of the spectrum.

Autistic people often have to work harder to take the perspective of neurotypical people. And many have spent countless hours of therapy doing this work.

But new research shows that neurotypical people have just as much trouble taking the perspective of our autistic peers.

It’s time for us to get to work too. Join me as I talk to neurodivergent adults and explore new research to help me and other OTs and SLPs better understand and connect with our autistic clients.

Two Sides of the Spectrum Podcast
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Two Sides of the Spectrum Podcast Episode 39

Kat Harhai is a facilitator, educator, and writer, and currently works as the Neurodiversity Collaboration Facilitator at Bridges Learning System. She is multiply disabled and was late diagnosed as autistic as a young adult.  Katrina Martin is the founder of Bridges Learning System. Katrina is fully dedicated to moving beyond the deficit-based model of education for autistic students and moving into a model that focuses on strengths and teaches the benefits and values inherent in diverse ways of thinking.   

In this episode we talk about social and emotional learning from a neurodiversity-affirming perspective…and we don’t just talk about what NOT to do, we get really specific about a beautiful model called the Social-Emotional Acuity Bridge that Kat and Katrina and their team have developed that everyone can use in their own work.