Kim Clairy


Occupational Therapist (she/her)
Kim Clairy (she/her) OTR/L, is an autistic occupational therapist, international speaker, consultant, author, and self-advocate. Kim broke through many barriers as she defied a healthcare system that said, “your autism is severe; you need to live in a nursing home.” Her difficult healthcare experiences forged a passion for educating others on autism. Using personal experiences and professional expertise Kim educates on many facets of autism across the lifespan including eating disorders, trauma, mental health, relationships, self-awareness, sensory processing, classroom inclusion, community integration, problem-solving through challenging behaviors, and much more! When not speaking about autism, Kim can be found doing her other special interests-creating visual and aural rock art in the creek, searching for artifacts in the woods, and climbing trees!
Disclosures for Kim Clairy
FINANCIAL:   Kim receives commission from Learn Play Thrive, LLC for the sale of the SLP Neurodiversity Summit and the OT Neurodiversity Summit.
NON-FINANCIAL: Kim is autistic and has friends and colleagues who are autistic.