Let’s UNMASC: Understanding the Needs and Motivations of Autistic Social Communication

This self-paced continuing education course is for OTs, SLPs, and mental health providers who want to truly support the well-being of their Autistic clients, and who know that learning about the needs and motivations of Autistic social communication from Autistic adults is an essential part of our learning process.

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This is Not Another Social Curriculum

Here’s what we know: authentic social communication is too complex to be made into a curriculum. But here’s what we also know: you want to support your Autistic clients’ well being, and that includes proactively addressing their social needs and thoughtfully responding to difficult social communication situations as they arise in your sessions and in your Autistic clients’ life.


And since you’re here, we also know you want to move beyond the models of teaching neurotypical social skills to your Autistic clients, because you care about their authentic well-being, social participation, and mental health. 


Rachel Dorsey, MS, CCC-SLP

V. Tisi, M.A., CCC-SLP

Let’s UNMASC is Something Totally Different

In our newest CE course, Let’s UNMASC, Autistic SLPs Rachel Dorsey and V. Tisi model supporting Autistic social communication in a way honors the complex internal needs of Autistics, given the possibility of trauma, demand avoidance, interoceptive difficulties, and alexithymia. 

Rachel and V. will bring you inside of their clinical reasoning process on four true-to-life case studies.

You’ll walk away from this 5.5 hour self-paced course excited to bring a deep understanding of Autistic social communication to your work supporting your Autistic clients and eager to be part of a true paradigm shift in therapy.

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