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MODULE 1: A Strengths-Based Approach to Supporting Autistic Kids

Never again write generic interventions that just don’t work. First, you’ll go deep into autism learning styles based on the latest research. This will help you move past outdated, deficits-based ideas about autism, and feel confident in your expertise. Then, with this foundation, you’ll learn a concrete process that will allow you to generate relevant, effective, and strengths-based interventions every time.

MODULE 2: Therapy Process

Get past feeling “stuck” and not knowing where to start with helping your clients meet their goals. Learn how to use informal assessment, individualized structure, visual instructions, and evidence-based  teaching strategies to guide your therapy process from assessment through goal mastery and generalization. We’ll also dive into how to how to build in supports based on your clients’ preferred social play level and how to support their learning using play materials, without asking them to play less Autistically. 

MODULE 3: Making Schedules

Stop wasting your limited time making schedules that your clients don’t understand or use. You’ll learn how to create truly individualized schedules that will reduce transition battles and support your Autistic clients even when schedules unexpectedly change.

MODULE 4: Visual To-Do Lists & Self-Care Skills

Move beyond giving constant redirections and reminders that leave you feeling ineffective and make your clients frustrated and confused. You’ll master a method for creating visual to-do-lists that even your most concrete (or youngest) clients will understand. These visual to-do lists will keep your kids at the table for learning, increase independence in self-care skills, and provide new opportunities for  authentic engagement in daily routines.

MODULE 5: Community Integration

Get past your fears of moving your intervention to the community, where real life happens! Learn exactly how to bring it all together and help your clients succeed out in the community with a series of case studies from early intervention through adolescence. 

This course is
actionable and concrete.

You’ll learn how to confidently help your clients meet their goals without ever using rewards or other compliance-based strategies in your practice. It’s all about understanding how autistic* people think and learn and shaping our interventions to reflect respect for their strengths and how they think and learn.

You’ll develop intervention plans you can apply in your practice right away.

*identity-first language used as it’s the preference of the autistic community


$339 $280 for 6 recorded hours packed full of actionable content. We also offer payment breakdown to 3 monthly payments.


This course is entirely self-paced. Once you register, you’ll have access for 12 months to complete on your own time.

Continuing Education

This course is registered for .6 AOTA CEUS (6 contact hours), ASHA CEUs, and 6.0 ASWB ACE credits.


Information about completion requirements, accommodations, and more can be found in the FAQs.

The Learn Play Thrive Approach to Autism is
for you if…

You currently work with neurodivergent clients on functional daily skills

You feel bored and ineffective using the same interventions over and over again

You feel guilty sending the kids back to class or back home knowing that you weren’t as effective as you could have been

You want to feel confident in shaping your interventions based on Autistic strengths

You are ready to let go of compliance-based approaches like withholding interests, hand-over-hand, and using reinforcers

Meet your


Meg Ferrell (Proctor)

Founder of Learn Play Thrive, Occupational Therapist (she/her)

Rachel Dorsey

Speech Language Pathologist (she/her)

Sarah Selvaggi-Hernandez

Occupational Therapist (she/her)

Please note: disclosure statements are contained in the Bio page for each speaker. Click on "READ BIO" above to review the disclosures.

I feel confident that it will change your practice.

– Meg Ferrell, Founder of Learn Play Thrive

Full Course Objectives

MODULE 1: A Strengths-Based Approach to Supporting Autistic Kids

1 hour 37 minutes

Learn how to confidently and clearly understand behaviors and plan interventions based on clients’ strengths.

Critique traditional models of behavior problem solving using the framework of the Double Empathy Problem and research on the mental health outcomes of masking

Develop six or more specific hypotheses about how a child's difficulty participating in a learning activity or routine may be related to Autistic learning styles

Generate six or more intervention strategies to teach new skills and adapt the learning environment based on a specific client’s strengths

MODULE 2: The Process of Autism-Specific Therapy

2 hours 36 minutes

Get un-stuck and become more effective in your therapy process.

Analyze a child’s learning needs using a process of informal assessment

Analyze client’s learning style and utilize this understanding to plan meaningful learning activities and visual instructions

Apply two or more teaching strategies that promote flexibility and generalizing for clients after task is mastered

MODULE 3: Making Schedules

40 minutes

Stop wasting time making schedules that just don’t work.

Apply the interpreting behaviors process and an understanding of Autistic learning styles to identify three reasons why transitions may be hard for your Autistic clients

Analyze a client’s learning style to determine what type of schedule (object, photograph, symbolic picture, picture & word, or written) will be most meaningful to them

Plan a schedule for a client, including instructions at the appropriate level (object, photograph, symbolic picture, picture & word, or written) , a method for the child to use the schedule (take and use, take and match, mark off, move to finished), and at least two concrete ways that the schedule can support a child in adapting to change

MODULE 4: Creating Visual To-Do Lists for Table Activities & Daily Living Skills

48 minutes

Get your kids’ engagement so that you can confidently teach.

Apply the interpreting behaviors process and an understanding of Autistic learning styles to identify three reasons why Autistic kids may have difficulty with adult-directed activities

Generate an individualized visual to-do list for table-top learning and for self-care routines

Create a plan for teaching using to-do lists that incorporates two or more strategies to promote flexibility and generalizing

MODULE 5: Community Integration

25 minutes

Ditch your fears of taking intervention out into the real world.

Synthesize and apply your knowledge of strengths-based approaches to create effective support plans for Autistic clients going out into the community

Frequently Asked Questions

This course is developed for occupational therapists and speech therapists working with kids on the autism spectrum. It is also appropriate for any professionals working on real daily skills with kids with autism. This is not a course designed for parents.
This course is targeted at the intermediate level.

In each module I help you tailor the interventions to your client’s age and developmental level. This course is appropriate for professional working with kids from early intervention through adolescence.

Each module includes lectures, slides, videos, and case studies.

Yes! This course is registered for .6 AOTA CEUS (6 contact hours), ASHA CEUs, and 6.0 ASWB ACE credits. That means that if you are SLP, OT, or Social Worker  in the US and you successfully meet the requirements of the course, you can use it for your state and national license renewal.
This course is not approved by any physical therapy associations. However you can check with your state board to see if it meets your license renewal requirements.

Yes! The course is self-paced and you have one year to complete it on your own time.

Yes! If 3 or more people from your company plan to enroll email me the names of everyone enrolling at and I’ll provide a coupon code. It’s 15% for 3 registrants, 20% off for 4 or more, and 30% off for 7 or more.

Learners must complete all modules and pass all five quizzes with 75% accuracy. Multiple retakes are allowed. When the final survey is completed and the course reaches 100% completion the certificate will be issued.

Full refunds are provided within 30 days of purchase if no more than 3 modules have been completed. Email to request a refund. Since this is a self-paced course, there is no option to cancel once the 30 day / 3 module limit has been exceeded. If for any reason the course is canceled by the provider before your registration period has expired, you will receive a full refund.

All videos used in this presentation have closed captions. If you need additional accommodation, please email prior to your training date. Accommodations will be made to support all learners in compliance with the Americans with Disability Act. 

You can send an email to

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Sometimes when you work with neurodivergent kids, you feel like you’re trying the same ineffective strategies over and over. This takes a huge hit on your confidence.

But with The Learn Play Thrive Approach to Autism you will reclaim your enthusiasm and show up more equipped to help your autistic clients.

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