V Tisi


Speech Language Pathologist
V Tisi (they/them) is an Autistic, Disabled, and Queer Taiwanese-Chinese-Venezuelan American clinician- and educator-activist. Their area of specialty is intersectional justice for multiply marginalized neurodivergent people. V teaches trauma-informed practices to support the social-emotional development and wellness of Autistic people. V is dedicated to pushing the needle forward on a more culturally responsive, equitable, and depathologized field of speech-language sciences. V has practiced speech language pathology in early intervention and schools, and is an adjunct faculty member at San Francisco State University teaching culturally responsive practices with an anti-racist and anti-ableist lens.
Disclosures for V. Tisi
FINANCIAL: V receives a commission from Learn Play Thrive, LLC for the OT Neurodiversity Summit and the SLP Neurodiversity Summit. V owns The Speechologist and receives compensation for their work.. V is employed part-time by San Francisco State University and receives a salary for teaching, including a course on Cultural Responsiveness in Speech, Language, Hearing Sciences that includes topics of anti-racism and anti-ableism. V is contracted with The Informed SLP and receives a fee for their work.
NON-FINANCIAL: V runs Speechologist accounts on various social media outlets, is a co-founder and volunteer for SLPs of Color 501(c)(3), and identifies as an Asian-Latiné Autistic person. V is Autistic and has friends and colleagues who are Autistic.