instructor 2

Sarah Selvaggi-Hernandez,


Course Instructor, Occupational Therapist
Sarah Selvaggi-Hernandez brought the language of “positive autistic self-identity” to Learn Play Thrive. We latched on and never looked back. Sarah is an autistic occupational therapist who studies, practices, and teaches person-affirming approaches to sensory-processing differences. Sarah is a guest instructor in The Learn Play Thrive Approach to Autism, and is developing a new stand-alone course on sensory processing and self-determination.
Disclosures for Sarah Selvaggi-Hernandez
FINANCIAL: Sarah was paid a speaking fee for her contribution to this course. Sarah is the author of a book, Melt Like Ice Cream, for which she receives royalties.
NON-FINANCIAL: Sarah is autistic and has friends and family members who are autistic. Sarah is an unpaid board member for NeuroClastic, Inc.