Meg Ferrell (Proctor)


Founder of Learn Play Thrive, Occupational Therapist (she/her)
Meg (she/her) is an occupational therapist who cares deeply about person-affirming therapy. At Learn Play Thrive, she hopes to springboard as many OTs and SLPs as humanly possible into offering neurodiversity-affirming therapy with ease. Meg has supported thousands of therapists to become confident, effective OTs and SLPs who use strengths-based strategies with their Autistic clients and support their clients’ sense of belonging and identity.

Meg has worked in early intervention, schools, and clinics. She is a former faculty member of the TEACCH® Autism program, and she is the host of the Two Sides of the Spectrum Podcast, where she interviews autistic adults and other professionals striving to change therapy practice.

She is the primary instructor in The Learn Play Thrive Approach to Autism, where she fills up the toolboxes of OTs and SLPs with strengths-based strategies to use in their work. Meg also teaches Module 1 of the LPT Approach to Autism as a stand-alone live course, A Strengths-Based Approach to Supporting Autistic Kids
Disclosures for Meg Ferrell
FINANCIAL: Meg is the owner of Learn Play Thrive and receives a salary.
NON-FINANCIAL: Meg has friends and colleagues who are autistic.