Matt Lowry, LPP

Matt Lowry


LPP (he/him)
Matt Lowry, (he/him) LPP is a licensed psychological practitioner who provides diagnostics and therapy to Autistic people using an Autistic-affirming framework. Matt has studied autism and Autistic people for over two decades, and is himself an Autistic person. Matt works to educate people about Autistic traits and Autistic Culture though professional trainings, professional consultations, and his podcast, The Autistic Culture Podcast. From this strengths-based perspective, Matt helps Autistic people create a life that is compatible with their Autistic neurology, and helps Autistic people find pride in their Autistic culture. Matt has previously worked in a school-based setting, in inpatient settings, and in community mental health.
Disclosures for Matt Lowry
FINANCIAL: Matt is the owner of Child & Adolescent Psychological Evaluations, LLC and receives compensation for his work. He does trainings and consultations with Maisie Soetantyo and school districts and receives compensation for his work. He receives commission from Learn Play Thrive for sales of the Neurodiversity Summit. 
NON-FINANCIAL: Matt is Autistic and has friends, family members, and colleges who are Autistic. Matt runs the Autistic Culture Podcast and the Autistic Connection Facebook group. Matt serves as a council member for the Kentucky Advisory Council on Autism.