Lisa Hoeme, LPC

Lisa Hoeme


LPC (she/her)
Lisa Hoeme, (she/her) is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Consultant. Lisa is committed to using a neuro-affirming, trauma-informed and person-centered approach to help support personal growth and overall well-being for clients. She has a passion for using expressive modalities such as art making, poetry, yoga and creative mindfulness and uses these approaches as catalysts to support clients as they work through difficult life experiences, to develop effective coping strategies and to express themselves authentically. ​As a presenter, Lisa brings this experience into her trainings with a focus on helping others build understanding of neurodiversity and the capacity to support neurodivergent people in affirming client centered ways.
Disclosures Lisa Hoeme
FINANCIAL: Lisa receives commission from Learn Play Thrive, LLC for the sale of this course. Lisa is a co-owner of Imagine a Child’s Capacity, LLC and receives compensation for her services.
NON-FINANCIAL: Lisa has friends, colleagues and family members who are neurodivergent.