Joshuaa D. Allison-Burbank


Joshuaa D. Allison-Burbank, is Diné and Acoma Pueblo (he/him). His clans are T’ógi, Parrot Clan (Acoma), Tó’áhani, and Yellow Corn (Acoma). Joshuaa is a licensed speech-language pathologist and assistant scientist at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. He teaches therapists and community members how to incorporate anti-racist and decolonization practices into their work. He previously worked at Northern Navajo Medical Center in Tsé Bitaí, Navajo Nation. He continues to provide developmental services to Diné families enrolled in the Navajo Nation Early Intervention Program. His research interests include community assessment, parent coaching, assessing the effects of stress on neurodevelopment, and the prevention of developmental delay in American Indian children.
Disclosures for Joshuaa D. Allison-Burbank
FINANCIAL: Joshuaa is a full-time paid faculty member at Johns Hopkins University and receives a salary. He receives commission from Learn Play Thrive for sales of the Neurodiversity Summit.
NON-FINANCIAL: Joshuaa is Diné and Acoma Pueblo.