Jacquelyn Fede, PhD

Jacquelyn Fede


Jacquelyn Fede (she/her) is the co-director of Autism Level UP! an autistic / allistic partnership dedicated to the provision of education, accessible resources, and practical strategies focused on increasing active engagement for autistic individuals and the members of their communities. Dr. Fede is a super fun, an Autistic Self-Advocate, developmental psychologist and program evaluator. Her research interests include immigration policy, autism, and community engagement. Dr. Fede uses this experience to help educate others about autism through lecturing, blogging and consulting on evaluation projects. A full scholarship Division 1 athlete in college, Dr. Fede continues to meet intense sensory needs by seeking extreme physical activity. Jacquelyn also enjoys the use of creativity and art for expression.
Disclosures for Jacquelyn Fede
FINANCIAL: Dr. Fede receives commission for the sale of the Learn Play Thrive SLP Neurodiversity Summit. She receives payment for her work as co-director of Autism Level Up. Dr. Fede coauthored the All The FeelZzz curriculum and receives royalties for its sale.
NON-FINANCIAL: Dr. Fede is an updaid board member for the Autism Nature Trail. She is autistic and has friends and colleagues who are autistic.