Greg Santucci, OTL/R

Greg Santucci


Greg Santucci (he/him) is a pediatric occupational therapist and the founding director of Power Play Pediatric Therapy in NJ. He is the creator of the Model of Child Engagement, a lecturer, consultant and still a practicing OT, maintaining a caseload in the public schools and outpatient therapy centers. Greg has spent over two decades as an OT listening to and validating the thoughts, emotions, behaviors and opinions of the kids he works with, and challenging systems to do the same: something that’s often overlooked when addressing “behaviors”. When not advocating for children, he’s usually on a soccer field somewhere cheering on his two kids. Greg is self-diagnosed ADHD and a sensory hot mess, so he has a deep understanding of the importance of sensory validation throughout development.
Disclosures for Greg Santucci
FINANCIAL: Greg receives commission from Learn Play Thrive, LLC for the sale of the OT Neurodiversity Summit. Greg is the owner of Power Play Pediatric Therapy and receives a salary. 
NON-FINANCIAL: Greg has friends and colleagues who are autistic.