Dr. Winnie Dunn, PhD, OTR, FAOTA

Dr. Winnie Dunn


PhD, OTR, FAOTA (she/her)
Dr. Winnie Dunn, PhD, OTR, FAOTA (she/her) is the Distinguished author of The Sensory Profile 2 and a Professor of Occupational Therapy at University of Missouri. She is an expert for her work about sensory processing in everyday life, with hundreds of publications and presentations. She received top honors in her field, including the Academy of Research. She has also received awards for engaging teaching, including the Chancellor’s Excellence in Teaching Award, the Kemper Teaching Fellowship and the Chancellor’s Distinguished Professorship. Dr. Dunn teaches therapists practical, empowering, respectful ways to support Autistic people with their sensory processing needs in their daily routines.
DisclosuDr. Winnie Dunn
FINANCIAL: Pearson publishing owns the copyright for the Sensory Profile assessments; Dr. Winnie Unn receives a royalty for the sale of the Sensory Profile assessments as the author. Dr. Winnie Dunn receives commission for the sale of the Neurodiversity CE Summit.
NON-FINANCIAL: Dr. Winnie Dunn has friends and colleagues who are autistic.