Sharon Hammer, LPC

Sharon Hammer


LPC (she/her)
Sharon Hammer, (she/her) LPC is a Licensed Professional Counselor and an Educational Consultant. Within the lens of being neuro-affirming, trauma-informed, and client-directed, Sharon provides psychotherapy and psychoeducation to neurodiverse clients. Sharon takes this experience into her trainings, where she focuses on teaching others effective ways to support neurodivergent people in ways that are positive, life-affirming, and based in an understanding of the nervous system.
Disclosu Sharon Hammer
FINANCIAL: Sharon receives commission from Learn Play Thrive, LLC for the sale of this course. Sharon is a co-owner of Imagine a Child’s Capacity, LLC in Wisconsin and receives a salary.
NON-FINANCIAL: Sharon serves unpaid as a member of the Conference Committee for the Autism Society of Greater Wisconsin. Sharon has friends, colleagues, and family members who are neurodivergent.