Amy Laurent, OTR/L

Amy Laurent


Amy Laurent, PhD, OTR/L is the co-director of Autism Level UP! an autistic / allistic partnership dedicated to the provision of education, accessible resources, and practical strategies focused on increasing active engagement for autistic individuals and the members of their communities. She is a co-author of the SCERTS Model and frequently lectures internationally. She is passionate about neurodiversity and helping others to honor and understand the implications of “different ways of being” in relation to navigating the physical and social world. Dr. Laurent strives to practice what she preaches and uses her love of play and movement to meet her own regulatory needs.
Disclosures for Amy Laurent
FINANCIAL: Amy receives commission for the sale of the Learn Play Thrive SLP Neurodiversity Summit. Amy receives payment for her work as co-director of Autism Level Up. Amy coauthored the All The FeelZzz curriculum and receives royalties for its sale. Amy coauthored the SCERTS curriculum and receives royalties for its sale.
NON-FINANCIAL: Amy is an updaid board member for the Autism Nature Trail. Amy has friends and colleagues who are autistic.