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If you’ve never purchased a 5+ hour course from LPT, it’s time to FILL YOUR TOOL BOX. You can get 2 or more of our in-depth courses with one year’s access at a 15% discount! New customers only.
– The Learn Play Thrive Approach to Autism

– Authentic AAC

– Goal Writing for Autistic Students

– Let’s UNMASC

Ethics & Neurodiversity: Let’s Talk About Sex

Ethics & Neurodiversity

In this one-hour self-study ethics course, Autistic OT Sarah Selvaggi-Hernandez highlights the importance of OTs, SLPs, psychologists, and mental health practitioners addressing sexual health, reproductive rights, and consent with our neurodivergent clients. She ties together our professional codes of ethics and the neurodiversity model to teach concrete ways to support the development of positive sexual identity and practice harm reduction for our clients of all ages. This course will be registered for .1 AOTA & ASHA CEUs (one contact hour).

A Strengths Based Approach to Supporting Autistic Kids (On-Demand)

A Strengths Based Approach to Supporting Autistic Kids

In this on demand version of our popular live training, discover how to interpret behavior and generate interventions using a deep understanding of autism learning styles. You’ll learn a process that helps you create more effective and relevant interventions every time based on autism learning styles.


Registered for .25 AOTA CEUs and .25 ASHA CEUs (2.5 contact hours).

Authentic AAC: Implementing Communication Systems for Autonomy & Connection

Authentic AAC

In this course, Kate McLaughlin, CCC-SLP gives you the tools you need to support your emergent communicators in a way that fosters their autonomy, self-determination, and connection to those around them. This course is 12 contact hours and will transform YOU into the AAC expert you’ve been waiting for.


Registered for 1.2 AOTA CEUs and 1.2 ASHA CEUs (12 contact hours).

Goal Writing for Autistic Students: A Neurodiversity-Affirming Approach

Goal Writing for Autistic Students

In this course, Autistic SLP Rachel Dorsey teaches you how to set your therapy on the right track with strengths-based goals and a neurodiversity-affirming approach. This comprehensive guide will allow you to tackle goal setting with confidence and enthusiasm so that you can make a greater impact on your autistic students’ lives.


Registered for 1.05 AOTA CEUs and 1.05 ASHA CEUs (10.5 contact hours).

The Learn Play Thrive Approach to Autism

The Learn Play Thrive Approach to Autism

Without training in autism-specific interventions, you can feel ineffective and discouraged in your work. In this 6 contact hour, self-paced CEU course, I’ll teach you the concrete skills you need to be confident that your work is making the greatest possible impact.


Registered for .6 AOTA CEUs and .6 ASHA CEUs (6 contact hours).


Let's UNMASC online course

In this self-paced continuing education course, Autistic SLPs Rachel Dorsey and V Tisi teach you a concrete system to guide clinical reasoning for Autistic social communication that centers authenticity and acceptance while considering the real demands and nuance of our clinical practices and an Autistic child’s daily life.

This course will be registered for .575 AOTA CEUS (5.75 contact hours) and .55 ASHA CEUs.

Neurodiversity Summit

Neurodiversity Summit

This summit features fifteen practice-changing talks from a neurodiverse panel who have spent their careers learning deeply on topics that cut to the core of what it means to be affirming. Each talk is 90 minutes and packed with both paradigm-shifts and concrete takeaways for your work. Starting January 6th, you’ll have six weeks to watch as many of the talks as you wish on-demand, getting CE credits along the way. Early bird registration is now open!