A 10 day community journey towards letting your deepest, most affirming values shine in your practice


As you head into the fall,
Let your values take the front seat in your practice.

We all became therapists because we wanted to make a deeply positive impact on the inner lives of our clients. But far too often with our neurodivergent clients, our work falls short of of where we wanted to be. 

The data is in: non-Autistic professionals can’t intuitively understand the inner worlds and needs of our Autistic clients. 

The traditional medical model causes harm in nearly every domain of well being. School systems aren’t set up for the well-being of neurodivergent students in mind and most of our work places make it hard for us to truly embody our values in our work. 

But the good news is, so many of us want better for our Autistic clients. And we are ready to do the learning – and the unlearning – to support them in a way that nurtures their authentic well-being, not a performance of developmental skills. 

To truly glow in our practice, we need a community of like-minded professionals supporting us and we need the right resources to help us grow. That’s where the 10 day glow-up challenge comes in.


How it works:

August 28 – September 6, 2023

(The live challenged ended, but you can still join in and access the materials and share your reflections!) Every other day for 10 days you’ll get access to learning materials that you can watch, read, or listen (you choose!) on your own time. Then, our team will give you reflection questions to guide you in figuring out where you’re shining and where you can continue to grow towards being the values-centered therapist you set out to be. Here is what we will cover: 

  • Day 1: Positive Autistic self-identity 
  • Day 3: Strengths-based goals writing
  • Day 5: Authentic social connection
  • Day 7: Sensory processing
  • Day 9: Autistic communication

And to wrap up, we’ll talk about how systems change happens, and discover how we can support each other as we identify our plans and get excited for our next steps. 

With each and every theme we’ll tie in intersectionality, safety, authenticity, and values-driven practice. And we’ll share tons of resources for continued growth and learning. 

This challenge is intended to leave you feeling excited to continue to grow in your work, confident in what your next steps are, and supported by a community of like-minded therapists 

Frequently Asked Questions

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It will happen in a Facebook group, but we’ll also send the questions and assignments by email. If you aren’t on Facebook, you are welcome to make an account just to participate, or to follow along on your own through email.

A couple of weeks after the challenge ends we’ll archive the Facebook group. You won’t have access to continue commenting, but you will be able to see the assignments and reflections.

This challenge is fully self-paced and you can completed it at a time that works for you.

We aren’t able to track your progress and offer CEUs for this training. But we do hope you’ll take the time to complete it for your personal growth.

It’s completely free.

Where do you glow, and where can you grow?
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